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Promoting local construction career opportunities

Watson & Cox are proud of our strong links and involvement with NCTG, CITB, SEMLEP, and local education establishments, and we promote our Traineeships and Apprenticeships in all our disciplines where we have suitable mentors.  We provide additional support to local young people via work experience placements, workshops and training programmes focusing on employment-readiness and construction career opportunities.


We are active members of the Northamptonshire Construction Training Group (NCTG), who meet quarterly at Moulton College Management Centre and are committed to promoting local construction careers opportunity, training and development to attract youth and talent to our industry.

Our Senior Management Team, in conjunction with SEMLEP, also routinely visit schools to provide workshops, seminars, information and advice on potential construction career opportunities, the benefits of apprenticeships in connection with local colleges such as Moulton College, as well as general employment readiness awareness.  Commitment to our corporate social responsibility is further demonstrated in our strategic approach to community engagement, localism and consideration to our geographical area of operation.

We actively promote and encourage work experience placements and apprenticeships throughout our supply chain for various trades and opportunities as trade-based opportunities with Watson & Cox are limited.  We also actively support students benefiting from our experience and the opportunity to study a live construction project.  Study opportunities are strictly monitored by our management, who would allocate time to ensure maximum benefit.  


Some initiatives that our management have successfully undertaken previously and propose include:

Guided tours during the project

Seminars & workshops with students

Sponsored study projects

Question/answer sessions with study groups

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