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Construction work planning

Pre Construction

Watson & Cox generally promote early contractor involvement engagement, where the contractor/construction manager is engaged effectively for preliminaries, profit and overheads.

At the time of entering into the contract, the actual cost of construction is unknown.  This is typically because the design is yet to be finalised, or at least has not been priced.  It's a great opportunity for us to gain a comprehensive and beneficial insight into the Client's concept, ideas and requirements, and to work alongside them to make their aspirations a reality

Early engagement allows Watson & Cox, as Principal Contractor to:

have discrete parts of the work performed, and long lead items ordered, before all elements of the design have been finalised, thus helping to reduce the risk element on long lead-ins

contribute valuable buildability input on the design as it is being developed, based on our experience and construction knowledge

have greater transparency over subcontractor/trade contractor pricing by being able to work collaboratively and alongside key suppliers

complete the project faster and more effectively than may otherwise be the case

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Early engagement works for Watson & Cox because we operate with honesty and integrity, keeping our Client informed and engaged at all stages.  Under this process, Watson & Cox can oversee the subcontract tender process and provide budget and offer related advice without being under pressure from competing head contract tenderers.  Early contractor involvement models potentially offer faster completion, subcontract transparency, project control and early input from the builder

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